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b|well was established in 2014. What began as a small dream, turned into a full studio that continues to grow. What makes us different? The instructors. The community. The values the team is founded on. The integrity and determination of every person who steps foot into our space. And as we mindfully build our team, we mindfully create a space filled with love, grit, accountability and acceptance.

You see, b|well isn’t just another fitness studio. We are hell-bent on adding value to your day-to-day life. To being the best part of your day. To becoming a place you call home.

We are your Team. We are your Family. We are b|well. Let’s live forever.

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What People Are Saying

We are your Team. We are your Family. We are b|well. Let’s live forever. 


No matter what point in my fitness journey I have been, B.Well has been there to challenge my body, rejuvenate my soul and sweat it out with me!


This place is so much more than a fitness studio. It is full of encouragement, challenges and satisfaction. I crave this place and the feeling I get when I complete something I never thought possible.


b.well offers something for everyone at every level. Each time I go, I am pushed to be my best self and lift the others around me up.



Q: Where did you come up with let’s live forever?

A: The tagline of our company is “Let’s Live Forever.” We have it on t-shirts. We have it painted on the walls in our studio. I have it tattooed on my arm! It’s the b|well gospel. But what does it really mean? Let’s live forever doesn’t mean let’s never die. It means let’s live every day of our lives fully, forever.

The moment we stop growing, stop changing, stop learning. That’s when we stop living.

Some growth and change in our lives will come easy. It will be obvious that you’re ready. A no-brainer. It will be exciting and rewarding.

Some growth and change won’t come so easy. It will be confusing. It will hurt. It may require letting go. It may mean making new friends. It may mean being alone.

Sometimes the temptation to just stay where you’re at is real. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. You know that you could be happier or things could be better… but change would require so much work, time, energy… and the risk? What if I do it and it doesn’t work out?

Let’s Live Forever. 

Living life forever means embracing who you are exactly meant to be and accepting whatever the path may be to get there.

Stay on the path. Believe in yourself. Live Life Forever.


Here are the answers to all your questions.

Effort over ability.

Myzone calculates your Heart Rate while you workout in our studio. It's your workout. Track your effort. 

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